The founder Kanbun Uechi was the first master who introduced the practice of Jiyu Kumite in the world of Traditional Karate. At that time, at the beginning of 20th century, still wasnft habitual work the real applications in Japan because majority of karate experts only were training Kihon, Kata and Bunkai of Kata. The master was thinking that it didnft serve to know the techniques if they didnft know use it, it would be the same that having a good knife but not knowing how to cut. Following the Chinese tradition, the master introduced the techniques of Kumite together Sanchin, Kotegitae and Katas.
The old denomination of Kumite was gJIYU KOUBOUh that means gfree attack and free defenseh

It considered that Kumite is a set of all the practices realized during the training, the physic preparation, Kihon, Kotegitae, Kata, Yakusoku Kumite, etc. Therefore, itfs necessary to improve these elements to do Kumite to full performance. Kata and Kumite are complemented mutually, to improve Kumite (real Kumite, not the competition) it has to perfect seriously the applications of Kata and to improve Kata it has to imagine the real Kumite. Coming back to the example of the knife, gKatah is like sharpening the blade of the knife to the maximum and gKumiteh Itfs to learn to manage it with skill.
The practice of Kumite it isnft dangerous if itfs work with respect and humility. Kumite of Uechi-Ryu allows to strike the whole body less the face, thanks to the technique of Sanchin and the corporal strengthening, itfs possible the assimilation to an almost real fight. During the practice, it has to control all that involves Kumite, not only the technique aspect but itfs something more interior that affects to the behavior like anger, anxiety, doubt, fear, desire for revenge, etc. Kumite has to serve to improve the character of the person. Itfs more difficult to defeat the own ego that defeat the adversary, the worst enemy is inside of one same.

During the practice of Kumite following the next points have to bear in mind.

1. Koubou ittai. Execute simultaneous the attack and defense, attacking it defends and defending it attacks. In this mode, can be execute the techniques like attack and defense with more speed and protection.

2. Prevent that it produces the state of Suki. Suki means the state of emptiness or carelessness. There are three types of Suki, which makes lose the fight.

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