Sanchin -the basic technique-


Sanchin is the basic technique in Uechi-Ryu and all the disciples must learn it since the first day. It's executed typically with open hands (nukite position), with the variable respiration of the old Sanchin. Sanchin it's wrote in Chinese Fuzhou (Min) "three progresses" (steps) according to the pronunciation of the dialect and it's not interpreted as three conflicts or three wars. The practice of Sanchin stabilizes the mental and corporal resistance.
This particular method provides the following benefits.

- Form the position of base; develop and strengthen the muscles and vital organs capable of rejecting hits. Get the dominion of KOTSUKAKE.

- Throw the suffering and pain get to control the mind and from this form become more resistant to any individual.

- Dominate the internal energy powering the impacts and defenses. Obtain the capacity to keep the motto of Uechi-ryu "Gansei shushou" (the fierce look, the agile hands) to finish the fight instantly.
Sanchin with Louchin and Tauchin are completed with three respirations of dragon.

In Sanchin's practice there has to be accompanied always the exercise with internal power and Kotsukake's condition.
Also there has to be remembered that the original position of SANCHIN-DACHI of Uechi-Ryu it's not that actually is practiced, however, the disciples of higher level should dominate the old position of Sanchin.

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