Sandailui -union of force and speed-

Actually the Kata Sandailui (sandairui) it places in the maximum level of Uechi-Ryu. This Kata emphasizes for the speed and fluency that increase the difficulty in their execution. The combination of direct impacts and circular defends symbolize the union of hardness and softness. Another special point or differential fact about this Kata itfs in the combined defend that itfs a triple defense on three members are activated at the same time for the same objective.

Sandailui itfs the original name of this Kata, known nowadays as Sanseryu. But Master Kanbun Uechi never pronounced the word Sanseryu but Sandailui, he always called it with the origin denomination as he learned of his master.

There are three levels of executions too. Majority that is practiced in Dojos is the simplified version. This Kata is qualified for higher level than third Dan.

Sandailui characterizes to Tora no Kata (Kata of tiger).

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