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Most of actual disciples know and practice only the level 1 of the basic versions of Katas as if they were the original ones. The creation of level 1 and level 2 contributed to make easier learning Katas but at the same time diminished the technical level.
Nowadays, a lot of disciples don’t know the existence about two upper levels and the applications of Bunkai Kata are executed incorrectly, because the applications of the movements in level 1 are simplified and there are no real applications. There are only a few masters that know the superior versions of Katas and the original applications.

Pan – Gai - Noon “half hard and half soft” is the name that Master Kanbun Uechi decided to designate his work line in the period of Dojo of Wakayama (the Mainland of Japan). For that reason, “Pan-Gai-Noon” isn’t the name of the style that he learned in China.

The master Kanbun Uechi
didn’t learn Chuan-fa with Shu Shi Wa (Zhou Zi He), he did it with several master of different specialties in a temple of China. The name of Shu Shi Wa (Zhou Zi He) appears in the history of Uechi-Ryu since the 1970. They say that Master Zhou had a school in his own mansion and not in a temple, his work line don’t look like that master Kanbun Uechi learned in China.