Master Kuno demonstrating
strong toes.
Itfs important to fold all the fingers
to be able to hit with the tip.
In Uechi-Ryu, Sokusen-geri (kick with tip of the toes) is the identification sign of the style and all of disciples of Uechi-Ryu have to dominate this technique perfectly. If someone canft dominate it wonft be possible to know the deep principles of the style.
The objective of training Sokusen it isnft only to get strong toes, but to use the not conventional muscles to modify the trajectory and the angle of the kick. The aerodynamic form of Sokusen of Uechi contributes to increase the speed and power of the kick in a short distance.


First have to obtain to stand up; folding all the toes backwards and when it obtained have to try to jump keeping the position.
With this exercise it will obtain flexible toes and enough strength to kick with Sokusen.
After hang the toes in form of Sokusen it begins to knock soft objects and gradually it is increasing with objects more resistant.
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